Exquisite polishing improves the beauty of the replica watches movement

Many people like to compare a watch with a car. The movement is equivalent to the heart of the watch and is the most core component of the entire replica watches. Some people say that the movement of a watch is just like a car engine. The more expensive the watch, the more exquisite the movement is. The process will also be more complicated. really?

To be precise, self-produced movements are divided into functional movements and ornamental movements. The movements of Blancpain and Rolex are functional movements, and their movements are not ornamental. But if you want to ask, which of the two movements is more powerful, they are actually the same. They are all three-needle movements with a relatively simple structure. In fact, they are not very different from ETA movements. As for accuracy, even a multi-million watch cannot guarantee you that there will be no errors.

The most representative of the ornamental movement is the Lange movement, which seems to have a pleasing artistic atmosphere. This is why a German watch can reach the top level of the fake Rolex.

But the so-called exquisite polishing of the ornamental movement does not improve the performance of the movement. On the contrary, in order to make the movement exquisite enough, there are even too many modifications, which results in some structures of the movement that are not so durable.